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Last updated 8 December 2017

This East Yorkshire colour scheme introduces a special page for all your requirements for assistance, information, or anything else that our readers may be able to provide. Buy, sell, ask, offer, request - anything you like in connection with our Classic Buses theme.

Email your ad to me here. It's all free. Adverts normally stay up for about 3-4 months, unless the advertiser asks to remove it sooner.

In order to avoid folk getting spam from having their email addresses published on this page, I add a space after the '@' symbol. So becomes john@ You will have to remove the space yourself before emailing the advertiser. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it will hopefully save folk getting their addresses picked up by nasty robots, and their mailboxes filled with adverts for strange things.....

*************  !!!!!! BEWARE !!!!!! *************


1. Beware of scam emails offering to send you a cheque for more than the amount you asked for. The buyer then asks for a refund of the excess, and you subsequently discover that the original cheque has bounced.

2. History has proved that ALL inquiries from Nigeria regarding items advertised on this webpage are scams! Ignore them all, and be very wary of inquiries purporting to come from Spain too!

3. Finally, do not reveal your bank account details over the Internet to people you do not know.

THERE ARE LOTS OF IDIOT SCAMMERS AROUND. Be wary of bad English, second names that look like first names, and "" email addresses. Here's the latest list. Please let me know if you get any more. LOOK OUT - IT'S A (largely Nigerian) JUNGLE OUT THERE ! (By the way, the fact that I'm publishing their email addresses means that they will be picked up by the nasty mining robots and sent lots of spam. Perhaps they'll spam each other!)

THE ROGUES GALLERY (in order of first name)


Allien Gray (or Gary) from Zaragoza, Spain (
Anna Griffin (
Bob Peterson (
Brian Santos (
Charles Nelson (
Chris Nathaniel (
Darnell Locksley / 'Graham' (
Dave Brink ("Mr.Dave") (
Dave Coker (
David Bells from Brazil (
David Blau (
David Holder (
David Miller (
Dennis Wortman (
Depp Willoughby ( or
Donald Duke (
Edward Oliver, Flat 17, 125C Clapton Common, London E59AB (
Elvis Perez from Madrid (
Ford Harry (
G.C.Spencer from Madrid (
Garry Smith (
Gary Golunski (
George Francis (
Greg Millar, Gregauto Spares (
Greg Miller (
Gray Chester, ASPIECO Ltd. (
Helen Lucio Magret, Spain (
Heskey Brown (
James Brown (
James Chris (
James Miller (
James Patterson (
Jim Blast (
John Freeman (
John Lauren Kingsley (
Jones Specter (
Mrs Jook John (
Joshua Paul (
Keith Radford (
Kelvin & Nancy Northfolk (
Ken Lloyd (
Kenneth Author ("Jersey Ken"), London (
Kenneth Bruce (
Liz McRegor (
Mark Young ( or
Mason Eckhart (
Melissa Teasley (
Michael King, Flat 17, 125C Clapton Common, London E59AB (
Michell Smith (
Mohammed Latif (
Moore Michael ("Mr Mavis Charles") (
Owen Mark (
(NOTE: This is NOT the same as Mark Owen - mark1969owen at - who is completely legit)
Pablo Kuyt (
Patrick Moore (
Peter Bebb (
Peter Blau from USA (
Peter S Napoleon (
Philip James (
Philip Robert (
Rafael Rodraguez from Seville (
Rolands Paul (
Sam Lucas (
Shelley Jonathan from Valencia (
Simon Hurt (
Spector Jones (
Thomas Hardy from Kansas City (
Todd Westley, Todd Spare Part (TSPCO Ltd.) (
William James (

NOTE: Fred Mitschele from Canada, previously on this list, has now been removed as the Classic Buses Website has no evidence of any inappropriate dealings.

************* !!!!!! BEWARE !!!!!! *************




Leyland Tiger / Van Hool for sale

For sale: 1986 Leyland Tiger / Van Hool C51L, new as D232 HMT with Travellers, Hounslow. Has been with Coopers of Killamarsh since 2004 as SIW 2778. Coach is in good condition with a current class 6 MoT. Fitted with a chair lift and removable seats, so may suit a disabled persons club/organisation. Only for sale due to its age. Graham Cooper will accept reasonable offers for preservation or further PSV use.

Picture here. Tel 01142-482859. (11/17)

Buses for sale in Belgium

These buses are for sale in the Antwerp region of Belgium;

Chevrolet "Omnibus" AJ95517, 1952, pictures.
AEC Reliance (GWG 94) HU3RV549, 1955, pictures.
Ford Koln Rhein G39T2129717, 1955, pictures.
Ford Koln Rhein G39T2129506, 1955, pictures.
Leyland PD3A/1 Open Top (GRY 63D) L61398, Leicester 1966, pictures.
Renault "Paris bus" 825026, 1937, pictures.
Bedford J2 Plaxton (CBA 966L) CDJ1BCW102463, 1963, pictures.
Bedford VAS2 Duple Midland (PMM 392E) VAS27849666, 1967, pictures.

Contact Wim Kegelaers tel 0032-494-051434 or email stikkel007@ (remove the space after "@") (10/17)

Fleet of Heritage vehicles for sale

Talisman Coaches in Essex are selling off their heritage vehicles which include five Bristols, four of which are coaches which come up far less often than their bus-bodied equivalent. The five are rare long wheelbase LHL6L/Plaxton coach UAR 929M, short LHS6L/Plaxton coach ESU 815X new to Isle of Man Road Transport RELH6L/Plaxton coach 40 WMN (now registered SGF 483M), ECW coach MW6G 573 UVX and open-top VR CBV 2S. The other vehicles being offered are as follows:

Leyland Olympians J434 BSH (open-top), H47 MJN, H48 MJN
Leyland Titans OHV 747Y, A620 THV
Leyland Atlantean RVW 90W
Leyland Royal Tiger Doyen / Roe CAZ 2747 (ex-West Riding E57 TYG)
AEC Routemaster RML2535 JJD 535D
DAF/Plaxton coach YJN 455S
Van Hool Alicron G103 CJN
Van Hool Astromega FUH 933 (ex MSU 589Y) and DSK 107 (ex D228 HMT) which is for spares

If you are interested in any of these please contact Terry Smith at Talisman on 01206-252472 or email terry@ (remove the space after "@") (10/17)

Last Bedford JJL for sale

Last surviving Bedford JJL (only 4 built) registered HKX 553V with Marshall B24F body. New as Vauxhall Motors demonstrator in 1979 before being sold to Maidstone Borough Transport and then to Rambler Coaches, St Leonards. Last operator Goodman of Eastrea 10/02 then in preservation with current owner from 2007. Currently taxed and MoT'd till March 2018.

Photo here. For further details and price contact Margaret Jagger on 01253-712663. (10/17)

Austin CXB for sale

For sale; "Katie", a 1948 Austin CXB with body by Barnard. Excellent runner, formally from Guernsey and more recently the Isles of Scilly. Much work done to preserve the character of this unique bus. Asking for offers around £28,000.

Many pictures on Facebook from "Brooklands classics" and various videos on YouTube. Contact Simon on 07919-253232 or email simon@ (remove the space after "@") (9/17)

Harrington Cavalier / Tiger Cub for sale

For sale: East Yorkshire MS 1960 Tiger Cub with Harrington Cavalier coach body, needs work, runs ok. Too many on-going projects requiring my attention. For further details phone 07508-173043. (9/17)

United Counties Bristol MW for sale

For sale; Bristol MW6G, 34 seat ECW coach body, new to United Counties as No.201 in June 1961. Later to Eastern National and North Somerset Coaches (among many other owners). Fully restored in UCOC red/cream livery, excellent condition, and ready to use. £18,500, any inspection welcome, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Click here for pictures. Contact Eugene on 07885-670570 or email eugamy@ for or more details (remove the space after "@") (6/17)

Links to bus dealers, Maintenance and Parts Suppliers;

Dealers who buy / sell classic buses

Firms who maintain classic buses or supply parts



Bedford OB wanted

Wanted; Bedford OB in generally good overall condition, working and appearance. Vehicle will be going to a good home and kept undercover, and owned by someone with an appreciation for classic vehicles. Vehicle will be used for local wedding hire in the West Sussex area and will be an addition to our fleet of classic/vintage vehicles. Imperial Wedding Cars of Sussex.

We are looking for a vehicle at a "sensible" price, and will travel to come and view. Please contact Nigel or Jill on 01403-253034. (12/17)

Halfcab wanted

Wanted, halfcab single decker. If you can help please email Tim at timbickley@ (remove the space after "@"). (11/17)

Dennis Dart wanted

Wanted; Dennis Dart, with Marshall Capital bodywork or Marshall Minibus, anything considered. Contact Warren Woodrow at woodrowwp@ (remove the space after "@"). (10/17)

North Western bus or coach wanted

I'm looking to buy and preserve any underfloor or rear-engined bus or coach from the North Western Road Car Company of Stockport (not the later Merseyside incarnation). Reliance, Bristol RE, Tiger Cub or similar. Call Paul on 07798-582889 or email paul@ (remove the space after "@"). (10/17)

Leyland bus wanted

Wanted: Leyland Tiger Cub bus or half-cab Leyland single/double decker sought for preservation. A finder's fee is offered for a suitable vehicle. Call or text +353-87-4404-099 (Dublin) or email thebusman31@ (remove the space after "@"). (9/17)

Bedford J2 wanted

Wanted: Bedford J2 bus. Any condition considered. Not for re-sale. I'm based in Norfolk but any area considered. Cash waiting. Tel Maddy on 07722-310244 or email artwithglass@ (remove the space after "@") (5/17)

Single decker wanted

Wanted; a classic bus, pre 1980, any model. I want a small bus - not more than 19 seats. Am happy to travel to find one of these old buses, preferably with a 'rounded' front. If anyone has or knows where I may find a 'half size' bus, please please let me know. 07807-526999.

Plaxton Supreme III wanted

I'm looking for a Plaxton Supreme III (1976-1978) for preservation and restoration; particularly interested in any 10m long versions or any on Bedford chassis. Group of engineers ready to start restoration. Vehicles in any condition considered. Also spare body parts for Supreme III wanted. Leave a message for Owen on 07733-118043 or email owenryder@ (remove the space after "@") (4/17)



Bus Postcards for auction

You might be interested in Lot 22 in the upcoming auction of my late parent's extensive collection of postcards on 21 November. Lot 22 is for about 280 mostly B&W photographs with an estimated value of £40-60 (plus fees). From memory, my parents acquired the set of postcard-sized photographs in the late 1970s or early 1980s from a family friend. They are of buses around England (and Wales?) from, I think, the 1930s through to the 1940s and possibly 1950s. Again from memory, I think Oxford and southern counties are well represented in the set but I cannot remember many from a London interest.

Link here to the item. Viewing is at Chorley's auction rooms at Prinknash Abbey, GL4 8EU between Cheltenham and Stroud, on 19 and 20 November as detailed on their website. Some of the proceeds for the auction will go towards the Nottingham Historic Vehicles Charity, as Nottingham was my mother's home town. Thanks, Will Tucker. (10/17)

Bus Books for sale

Bus books for sale. All are in excellent condition with no inscriptions or missing pages. All plus P+P at cost.

History Of The British Trolleybus, by Richard Owen (1974), 1st edition, hardback, excellent condition. £15
The Country Bus, by John Hibbs (1986), 1st edition, hardback, excellent condition. £12.
The Early Motor Bus, London British Railways Board, 2nd edition (1964), softback, excellent condition, £5.
The Leyland Bus, by Doug Jack, 3rd print (1978), hardback, excellent condition, glossy boards. £25.

Contact Christopher Rowe, Tel 07843-074700. (7/17)

Coin Change Machines for sale

For sale, two coin change dispensing machines. One is a Pendamatic, the other is unidentified, both in reasonable condition. Open to reasonable offers, Email for details (remove the space after "@") (4/17)



Lodekka parts wanted

A colleague has purchased a Bristol FLF Lodekka which unfortunately has lost many body parts to assist in other restorations, so we are now looking for the following:
* The fibreglass front panel to suit side-by-side destination equipment (would be prepared to remove from donor vehicle)
* A pair of rear Lucas light units
* A set of dual purpose seat frames and backrests.(The vehicle did have a set but they have gone missing in storage)

Any help in the above would be appreciated. Contact Steve on 07804-966197 or email SRGRELH@ GMAIL.COM (remove the space after "@") (11/17)

Plaxton Paramount windscreen wanted

I'm looking for a one piece windscreen from a Mk.1 (1983) Plaxton Paramount 3200 for a restoration project. It's approximately 95 inches across the bottom by 51 inches high in the middle. Email Alan at amazoncr100@ (remove the space after "@") (11/17)

AEC Reliance steering wheel wanted

Wanted: 1964 AEC Reliance steering wheel. Email Margaret at margpk@ (remove the space after "@") (11/17)

Dennis Dart front end wanted

Wanted; front end and windscreens for 1997 Marshall-bodied Dennis Dart SLF. Would be prepared to buy a complete bus with a good front end and windscreens. Required for R404 XFL. See picture here. Tel Andrew Myall 01763-243225. (11/17)

Plaxton wiper parts wanted

Wanted; wiper spindle assemblies for 1971 Plaxton Panorama Elite, the ones with a single wiper arm prior to the introduction of pantograph wipers. Two needed. Please email Mike Lloyd at mikelloyd1018@ (remove the space after "@") (10/17)

Duple Vega Major parts wanted

We are looking for trim extrusions and spares for a 1964 Duple Vega Major body. If you have anything please contact Steve at Brooklands Motor Company Group on 01932-828545 or 07860-912217 or email Steve@ (remove the space after "@") (9/17)

CAV Switch Board wanted

I'm looking for a CAV switch board type 100-21 as used on 1940s and 50s buses and lorries. Would prefer a complete NOS one, but a used one, or even just the front cover plate would be a tremendous help too. Please email your offers to Marc at m.vanaalderen@ (remove the space after "@") (8/17)

AEC engine shims wanted

Wanted; shims for the joint between engine block and cylinder heads on my A173 AEC 7.7 engine. Email David Whitaker (remove the space after "@") (8/17)

Atlantean parts wanted

Parts wanted for a 1969 Atlantean in Australia. I'm having problems with leaks in the gear selector and looking for a gasket kit for the gear change control valve. I understand that the kits have the part number ABU 4215. The actual part that I am after is the inlet and exhaust valve discs (x 2 although five would be ideal). Alternatively I could acquire a complete gear changer tower with contents to replace my existing one or to use as parts.

If you can assist please contact Gerard at fgforde@ (remove the space after "@") (7/17)

Atlantean front air vent wanted

Wanted for restoration project; a pair of front air vent, louvred panels, suitable for a 1959 Metro-Cammell bodied Atlantean (the usual 14" x 8" size, with 4 slots). Email Mike at (remove the space after "@") (7/17)

Gardner 6LXB compressor wanted

I'm looking for a compressor for a Gardner 6LXB, must be a complete unit with the pipes and pulley etc. I am prepared to pay up to £Â£75 for a suitable unit. Enquiries to Steffan at steffan_janzen@ (remove the space after "@"). (5/17)

Royal Tiger badge wanted

I am looking for an enamelled crown from the top of a Leyland Royal Tiger front grille badge, mine is missing. If you can help finding a replacement, please email Ashley at ashley@ (remove the space after "@"). (4/17)



Empress Coaches info and photos wanted

Wanted; photographs of East Sussex independents Empress Coaches (H Phillips & Son) and Cooks Coaches of Westfield. Also can anyone help with the fate of following vehicles:
Former Empress Bedford OB / Plaxton EDY44 last reported with Mole Valley, Surrey in the 1980s.
Cooks Coaches Bedford SB / Duple UNT 295J and SNT 211H, sold on by them in the early 1990s.

Please call Steve on 07721-377720 or email info@ (remove the space after "@") (9/16)

Billingshurst Coaches info wanted

I'm trying to find information about Billingshurst Coaches who operated in West Sussex until the mid 1990s. If you can help please email Nick at nickjackson131@ (remove the space after "@") (8/16)

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