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The photos on this page were published on this site on a monthly basis during 2009 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of these cars. All photos used with permission of Eddie Foster's Farina forum

January's photo covers tail-lights, from left to right Austin A60 saloon, Morris Oxford 5, Wolseley 16/60, Morris Oxford 6, MG Magnette, Riley 4/72 and A60 Countryman.

February's photo features an early 1990s creation of an Austin A60 stretch limousine, one of two made by joining the front of an estate to the rear of a saloon. This one lasted until September 2011, when it was stripped out and raced at Hednesford track; the other one having had a similar fate some years earlier.

March's photo features a montage of Farina dashboards. Top left is from a Vanden Plas 3 litre, lower left is a Wolseley 6/110, and the other one is from a left hand drive series 6 Morris Oxford.

April's photo depicts an American inspired customised Austin A55 Cambridge.

May's photo features a modified Austin A60 Countryman, which now has an MG style front, Montego 2 litre diesel engine and five stud wheels.

June's photo features a modified Austin A110, originally a saloon car which now has a Countryman style rear end, photographed by Tony Cooney at the Peterborough show in 2008. This variation was never produced by B M C.

July's photo shows a group of three Farina estates seen at the Mosney vintage show on June 7th 2009, as part of the Cambridge-Oxford Owners Club first ever Irish event. Photo by Paddy Flannery.

August's photo depicts one of the Argentinian assembled Farinas, the Di Tella 1500. While the rear was copied from the Austin A55, the front end featured a grille similar to the Riley version, but with Di Tella badging. Di Tella also produced the car as an estate, a van, and a pick-up. Extra chrome strips and bars were also fitted to the rear bumper and boot lid.

September's photo is of an eye-watering line-up of Austin A60 Cambridge saloons, presumably brand new at the Austin assembly plant in Longbridge near Birmingham, probably sometime between 1961 and 1965, when production was transferred to the Morris plant at Cowley.

October's photo is of a nicely restored Riley Riviera, which is a modified 4/68 featuring the MGA engine, wire wheels, front spotlamps and smaller tailfins.

November's photo is of an unusual use for old car parts, showing how the boot area of an Austin A60 was converted into a sofa!!! A complete car appears alongside for comparison.

December's photo closes the series with a wintry view of a chilly 1969 Wolseley 16/60 in the aftermath of a snow storm.

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